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About Us

TruHomes is a platform for people who wish to invest their money in premium Quality properties. This platform works as such an Innovative tool that can bring in High Grade property options in no time. TruHomes is not just a platform that will bring Superior properties but gives you true security in terms of economic benefits. It makes sure that the clients get Benchmark properties that are built by the most Experienced Architects. Here, we render such properties that other marketer’s fall short of in terms of delivering finest quality.  Call 7290-069-961 to have a detailed discussion with our trusted team & reach at the next step.    


Why TruHomes?

Well, the Genuine question should be: Why not TruHomes? TruHomes is not just a name but has proven its Market Influence by serving Influential quality properties. And this is where we stand out as we make it an utmost priority to make sure value is delivered in every single property structure. We have been associated with only those Real Estate projects that gained excellence in terms of High ranking. Properties that we showcase are equipped with Solid structures & High Calibre infrastructure.

Over the years, we have become a Predominant source of Standard properties for 10000+ clients. The exceptionally good part about Truhomes is that we never leave the side of the Client even after we finally deal with the property and make sure that they are satisfied even after years. With a Total of 500+ property options, you will never have to wait for choosing a Property built with Standard material. Most importantly if you are looking for Quality living at the price that is Budget Driven, then this decision will be a secure choice of your life.


Supreme Quality in Every Structure

Our Main undertaking is to deliver such Rock Hard Properties that will bring Quality Rich Comfort. Home Buyers will be reducing their additional payment hectic, after coming at our doorstep. After a Decade of experience, the founders Ajay Saraswat & Anil Dubey have become a Massive name in the Real Estate World. Due to this reason our oldest clients come to us for their property planning in multiple cities. This is why we have come out as a Class Proven brand.  And here we come out as a Winner in terms of serving the Quality benchmark properties in the right time frame.

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